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Born from a passion for online retail and innovative apparel, Woolove is proud to bring you premium Merino Wool baselayers at affordable prices. We meet with the top manufacturers to create meaningful products and import them to Canada. We think you will find our lineup is perfect for the demands of your active outdoor lifestyle.

One thing you will notice that sets Woolove apart from its competitors is that we do not believe in steep discounting. When we see products online and across social media at 50-70% off, we believe they have been priced incorrectly or were marked up just to be marked down. We offer competitive pricing everyday with the occasional discount or bundle to reward our customers for trying new products or buying in bulk. Our goal is to consistently offer you the best products at the best price without any gimmicky deals or rebates along the way.

All of our products boast thermoregulating and antimicrobial properties - which just means they help keep you cool when its hot out and warm on those cold fall and winter days. The sweat won’t pool on your skin so the fabric won’t feel wet. You can also rest assured that our products are durable, will fit comfortably, are easy to maintain and won’t shrink or deteriorate in the wash.

For anything from cycling and hiking to fishing, hunting, or skiing, we’ve got you covered with the most versatile items in your wardrobe. We are happy to have you with us on this exciting journey, now let's get outdoors and explore!

 The Advantages of Merino



Thermoregulating: By Thermoregulating we mean that Merino Wool, when worn close to the skin, will keep you warm when its cold outside and help keep you cool when it warm. It’s like a natural thermostat for your exterior body temperature and it does this by removing moisture from the area between your skin and your clothing when you’re hot, so that when you start to sweat the moisture will be absorbed by the fabric and released away into the natural environment, keeping you cool. Better yet, when it’s cold outside, the moisture from your body will condense inside the fabric’s fibres acting as an insulator. This phenomenon known as wicking will pull 10 times as much moisture away from the skin than a synthetic fibre. 

What’s also great is that merino wool can absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture, so even if you are sweating, your clothes won’t feel wet. This is also partly due to the fact that merino wool contains lanolin, which is a natural oil, and helps shed water.

Antimicrobial: When we say antimicrobial, we mean that it doesn’t stink, really. Like we mentioned before, merino wool does such a great job of managing the moisture coming off your body in all temperatures (-20 to +35 degrees Celsius) that bacteria and fungi won’t build up in the fibre. Since it’s the build up of bacteria and fungi that cause fabrics like cotton to build up a stink quickly, merino wool won’t have that problem because there’s no build up of moisture. 

An added benefit to this is that you can wear your merino wool clothing for several days consecutively between washes and it still won’t smell like you have been.


Dries Quickly: Since Merino Wool fibres are super thin, some 15-23 microns thick, which is thinner than human hair by almost a third, they release water very easily. This means that after your throw it in the wash with your regular load, you can leave it to dry flat or hang dry on a hanger. 


Wrinkle Free: That’s right, because of the natural elasticity of merino wool, you won’t ever need to dry clean or iron. This feature makes it especially great for travel since you won’t need to worry about it getting wrinkled in your bag. 
Machine Washable: Easy maintenance, just wash in a low temperature with your regular load of laundry and that’s it. 
Durable: Cotton can only fold back on itself 3,200 times without breaking; meanwhile merino wool can fold back on itself 20,000 times or more without breaking, making it 6 times stronger. 
No itch: It’s simple as that, because merino wool fibres are so thin, they won’t itch like your grandma’s old thick knitted sweater, something that’s unique to merino wool versus other types of wool.
Bonus: Merino wool comes with other great features too like; static resistance, natural sun protection, it is non-allergenic, and is also biodegradable. 
Versatility – Main point is that there are so many benefits to Merino Wool, from its moisture wicking properties to its low care maintenance, its softness, durability, and comfort, all work in your favour to make this the most versatile garment in your wardrobe for daily comfort, outdoor activities in all 4 seasons, and travel of any distance. They’ll keep you comfortable in any climate, and won’t stink in the process.  


A Message From Our Founder:

    Hi everyone, my name is Jason Crowley (aka Jason from Woolove) and I started this business in 2018 built on an active outdoor lifestyle and a passion for e-commerce. I have too many interests (hiking, fishing, skiing, running…) and I know how quickly gear costs add up.

    Shortly after discovering the magic of Merino Wool, I realized it could help me bridge that gap.

    I saw its versatility and all the benefits of Merino Wool. I also saw how expensive it was and knew from my corporate experience that there was an opportunity to bring high quality, affordable, Merino Wool base layers to Canada, by removing the middleman and costly overhead.

    While I learned a lot from working on iconic global brands and had a solid career path, I quickly grew tired of the same old corporate narratives and politics, claims filled with half truths, and unnecessarily big profit margins. I wanted to focus my energy on getting people to try on some Woolove, knowing that it can be worn for virtually any outdoor activity in Canada, and to encourage more people to go explore this amazing country. There are so many mental and physical benefits to being active outdoors!

    It has taken me a few years to get to this point and I am so happy to be able to devote myself full time to this company, its exciting products, and our great customers. If it wasn’t for all your incredible support, this would never have been possible.

    I care, a lot. When a negative review comes in, I want to fix it. When somebody gifts our product, I am honoured. When somebody has a great experience, it pushes me to find others who will feel the same way. I am there to receive, read, and respond to all your e-mails and I take great pleasure in that. When I say – ‘please don’t hesitate to reach out’ – I mean it!

    I love Woolove and I love the outdoors. Less gear, less laundry, less $$$, less waste, more time outside enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. See you out there!

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