Born from a passion for online retail and innovative apparel, Woolove is proud to bring you premium Merino Wool baselayers at affordable prices. We meet with the top manufacturers to create meaningful products and import them to Canada. We think you will find our lineup is perfect for the demands of your active outdoor lifestyle.



For anything from cycling and hiking to fishing, hunting, or skiing, we’ve got you covered with the most versatile items in your wardrobe. We are happy to have you with us on this exciting journey, now let's get outdoors and explore!

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Experience the benefits of merino wool clothing. Our lineup is perfect for the demands of your active outdoor lifestyle.
Stay comfortable and stylish with Woolove.

Feature 1


By Thermoregulating we mean that Merino Wool, when worn close to the skin, will keep you warm when its cold outside and help keep you cool when it warm.

Feature 2


When we say antimicrobial, we mean that it doesn’t stink, really. Like we mentioned before, merino wool does such a great job of managing the moisture coming off your body in all temperatures.

Feature 3

Dries Quickly

Since Merino Wool fibres are super thin, some 15-23 microns thick, which is thinner than human hair by almost a third, they release water very easily.

Feature 4

Wrinkle Free

That’s right, because of the natural elasticity of merino wool, you won’t ever need to dry clean or iron. This feature makes it especially great for travel since you won’t need to worry about it getting wrinkled.

Feature 5

Machine Washable

Easy maintenance, just wash in a low temperature with your regular load of laundry and that’s it.

Feature 6


Cotton can only fold back on itself 3,200 times without breaking; meanwhile merino wool can fold back on itself 20,000 times or more without breaking, making it 6 times stronger.

Feature 7

No itch

It’s simple as that, because merino wool fibres are so thin, they won’t itch like your grandma’s old thick knitted sweater, something that’s unique to merino wool versus other types of wool.

Feature 9

UV Protection

Merino wool comes with other great features too like; static resistance, natural sun protection, it is non-allergenic, and is also biodegradable.

Feature 8


Main point is that there are so many benefits to Merino Wool, from its moisture wicking properties to its low care maintenance, its softness, durability, and comfort, all work in your favour.


What Customers Say

Read what our customers have to say about our 100% Merino Wool Base Layer clothing. Check out our reviews and see why Woolove is the best choice for high-quality, sustainable clothing.
This shirt is awesome...
This shirt is awesome. Wore it for the first four of a five day trek on the WCT. Switched to my $120 Patagonia base layer on day five. When we finished I had to take off the Patagonia cause it smelled terrible (after 7 hrs of hiking) and put this shirt back on....Kept me warm and dried quickly. Worth every penny, I will be ordering more
Steve C.
Apr 26, 2019
Super soft, warm and comfortable...
I live in Manitoba, Canada where winter temps can reach -30C. So far we haven't had this temperature yet but some cold days with the windchill factor. I wear these leggings under windpants on those days. They are super soft, warm and comfortable. I thought they would be thicker knit but so far doing the job for warmth.
Rea U.
Jul 09, 2021
I was impressed...
I'm not the guy who's review stuff. But with this one i had to.The comfort, heat, thickness is 10/10 !!!I tough after a 6 hours of working outside it would smell horrible but .. nothing at all. I was impressed! Definitely will buy again. Merino is a gold standard for outside sport or workingI've ordered large and it fit awesome for me.I'm 5,7 Feet at 180lbs (not fat)
Julien B.
Sep 26, 2022