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Discover the Merino Wool Advantage for Firefighters

Fire departments face unique challenges when ensuring the safety and comfort of their teams. We at Woolove understand these intricacies and bring to you premium Merino Wool apparel, crafted for the firefighting profession. With us, you are not just investing in quality gear but a promise to make your firefighters safer and happier.


Unmatched Benefits of Our Merino Wool Apparel:

Fire Resistance: Unlike synthetics, our Merino wool is naturally resistant to flames. It won’t melt, drip, or produce toxic fumes.

Temperature Regulation: Keep cool when it’s hot and stay warm in the cold. Ideal for challenging firefighting conditions.

Moisture Management: Say goodbye to uncomfortable chafing and blisters with our superior moisture-wicking capabilities.

Odour Resistance: With natural antimicrobial properties, our apparel stays fresh, even after long hours of wear.

Unbeatable Comfort & Durability: Crafted keeping firefighters in mind, experience the softness and strength of our Merino wool.


Problems Solved for Fire Halls:

Durability: Our apparel is built to last, ensuring you get maximum value.

Affordability: Enjoy premium products at wholesale costs.

Availability: Always stocked and ready for your needs.


Certifications that Speak for Us:

Woolmark Company: Our 100% pure, sustainable wool products meet the rigorous quality standards set by the Woolmark Company.

Responsible Wool Standard (RWS): A testament to our eco-friendly and ethical sourcing practices.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX: Assurance that our garments are free from harmful substances.

National U.S. Flammability Standard: Our products surpass the 16 CFR Part 1610 requirement, signifying safety against fire hazards


Merino vs Synthetics for Firefighters:

Low Smoke & Toxic Gas Emission: Minimize health risks with reduced smoke and harmful fumes.

Thermal Barrier Properties: Get added protection against radiant heat.

Non-Melting: Reduce severe burn risks with wool that chars instead of melting.


We Have Your Back!

We've partnered with numerous fire departments, sharing our expertise and learning from real experiences. This collaboration enables us to continually refine our offerings to meet your exact needs. By choosing Woolove, you're not just selecting a product; you're becoming a part of a community dedicated to ensuring safety and comfort for our firefighting heroes.


Ready to Elevate Your Firefighting Gear?

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Woolove – Where Safety Meets Comfort.

Woolove Certifications & Accreditation's

These certifications and accreditation's demonstrate our commitment to providing high-quality merino wool products. We are committed to maintaining our high standards of quality and ensuring that our customers receive the best possible garments

The Woolmark Company

Woolove's certification by the Woolmark Company ensures its products meet stringent quality standards. This esteemed certification means excellence in wool, ensuring Woolove's items are 100% pure, sustainable wool. For consumers, this means long-lasting, comfortable garments offering exceptional warmth and softness. When choosing Woolove, you invest in superior quality and environmental consciousness. (Woolmark, 2023)

Responsible Wool Standard

Woolove proudly boasts a Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certification, a testament to our commitment to the planet and its inhabitants. This ensures our wool is sourced from farms dedicated to progressive land management, holistic sheep welfare, and respect for the Five Freedoms of animal care. As consumers become increasingly conscious of their choices, Woolove's RWS seal guarantees trust, quality, and responsible sourcing in every product. (RWS, 2023)


is a renowned label for textiles tested for harmful substances, symbolizing customer trust and product safety. If an item carries this label, every part, including threads and buttons, is tested as harmless for human health. Woolove is proud that all of our garments meet this stringent standard.